We select only premium ingredients that we enrich with our origins and our experience.

For the flours, we turn to Italian mills that guarantee both a controlled supply chain and a 100% Italian production, sustainable and according to the principles of an ethical economy.

For the leavening of our doughs we use the biga: a pre-dough made of flour, water and a small quantity of brewer's yeast - about 1% compared to the flour - to activate the fermentation.

We use 100% pure spring water and Italian EVO oil (preferably Sabina DOP).


The CREA centre has engaged in a research and analysis programme to identify and characterise the best blends of flour for the Naturally version of the ‘Pinsa Romana’, made from cereals (soft wheat, spelt, rice) and pulses (soy, chickpeas and/or peas). Specifically, this work has optimised blends obtained using Food Product Design techniques and their characterisation in terms of product category, related technology and nutritional value.

The 12-month programme was coordinated for CREA-AN by Tiziana Amoriello and, for Naturally Pinsa, by Alessandro Bianchetti.


Our promise is to guarantee high quality with a traceable supply chain, 100% Italian, free from pesticides, GMOs, preservatives and additives.

How do we achieve this? By implementing Blockchain systems as part of the production process. The Blockchain system is based on physical-digital certification networks that enable data to be confirmed by operators and verified by second and third parties within just 24 hours. Buyers will thus be able to check the validity and certifications of the entire supply chain and products.


How to combine tradition and authenticity with the demands of a dynamic, competitive, constantly growing market?

In our production facility, we prepare and knead dough using traditional artisanal techniques as much as possible. However, we are also supported by a 4.0 system, both for better control and supervision of the entire production process and energy efficiency to reduce environmental impact.