The best innovation comes from experience.

  • Professional experience is priceless, especially when acquired through a career in international catering.
  • Personal experience is rooted in love for one's land and good food.

Alessandro Bianchetti from Rieti created Naturally Pinsa in 2017 to satisfy the needs of a discerning market demanding both high quality and 100% Italian ingredients.

All the value of raw ingredients.


We belong to the area from which Pinsa was born and our laboratory is also located here - more precisely in the Sabina area, a few km from Rome.

In addition to our land of origin, Sabina is also a district of excellence for the food sector, in particular for cereals, and has been renowned since ancient times for the beneficial properties of sun, water and nature. And it is in this context that Naturally Pinsa has its roots.

All the value of our territory, our traditions and our people.


Why such an Italian brand with an English name? Because we want to make the authentic 100% Italian Pinsa Romana also known and appreciated outside of Italy.