Pinsa Romana is an Italian specialty with a long and ancient tradition. It’s made of authentic Italian raw ingredients carefully selected by Naturally Pinsa Team. It involves a long process made up of specific stages, carried out by Naturally Pinsa. .

For food businesses, this means having a premium, highly versatile product available that is easy to include on the menu, without excessive costs or work in the kitchen:

  • this means that long processes on site, expensive machinery and specialised staff, that many food operators wouldn’t be able to afford, are no longer required
  • this also means that it's possible to stand out from an array of businesses focused on offering quantity rather than quality.


Respect for tradition does not disregard the possibility of customising the recipe.

This is possible thanks to the technical-scientific approach that we have decided to take towards the Pinsa Romana, implemented through the collaboration with the Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economics Analysis (CREA).

Changes to the traditional recipe are first tried and tested to assess the correct proportions of the ingredients, the resistance to processing, the leavening and the cooking yield.


Light, fragrant precooked bases, with lower fat content than traditional pizzas, which arrive at their destination ready to be topped and finished off in the oven.

  • Only selected Italian cereals and legumes: soy, rice and legumes flours. 
  • Only brewer’s yeast or sourdough
  • Super premium ingredients from 100% traceable supply chain
  • Long cold leavening of the bases
  • Double cooking as in the traditional Roman recipe
  • Blast chilling while still hot to preserve the organoleptic properties of the ingredients
  • With Sabina PDO extra virgin olive oil and 100% pure spring water
  • Customisable dough
  • Technical team available