Restaurants today, under pressure from the need to compete on the market, wish to offer an authentic, quality product. To stand out from an array of businesses focused on offering quantity rather than quality. Moreover, international restaurants want to bring a “slice” of Italian culinary tradition to the table for their customers.

Pizza Romana, or Pinsa, is an Italian specialty with a long and ancient tradition. It can be considered as similar to the widely known pizza but the dough and processing are different. The mixture of flours, the long leavening, the use of natural yeasts and the 80% hydration dough make the Pinsa bases fragrant, light and highly digestible.


It is becoming increasingly important to overcome the offer of repetitive standard food in establishments with a constant flow of customers. Being able to offer a unique product anywhere in the world, with full respect for authenticity, genuineness and tradition, is becoming an ever-greater advantage.


Making the 'Pinsa Romana' is a long process with specific stages, such as the traditional double cooking method, combined with the modern techniques of blast chilling and conservation – this makes it an ideal product for export.


In our case, the search for raw materials is not limited to 100% Made-in-Italy ingredients, but to premium Italian products. Preferably from our homeland, from Sabina, when possibile.